Annie Chambers

Annie Chambers: Música contemporánea y cinematográfica con Arpa de pedales. Repertorio para bodas y eventos privados.

Busking the other side of the world...

After years of busking around Europe I´ve finally ventured a little further and am spending the winter in warmer climates.

This is the first time I´ve ever written a blog. Anyone who knows me will know it´s against my nature to be writing my personal life on a page for everyone to see but it´s been one of my biggest regrets since leaving England over 10 years ago to have never kept any record of my travels, my experiences, my memories or even photos. For those that don´t know me or don´t know me well... I´m Annie, I´m 29 years old from England, I play the harp and have a 3 and a half year old son Timo. I´ve spent my last 10 years living in Europe, the last 9 of which I have made my living exclusively from music; mostly busking. Other than music my other biggest passion is to travel. I´ve spent most of my time between Ireland and France these past few years but have also spent many months in Slovenia, Croatia, Spain and Czech Republic and shorter visits to many other place… Since having Timo I haven´t slowed down as much as I should have. I was busking an hour before going into hospital to give birth to him, he had his first flight at 3 month, was inner-railing around europe by 6 months. He´s now been to 12 countries, has taken over 60 flights and about half as many ferries, lived with 27 housemates of which 12 were au-pairs and stayed in more houses and youth hostels than I can count.

Right now we are in australia joined by my Spanish boyfriend, Javi, who has been motivating me to make a website and start a blog. As he´s a photographer and film maker, it will make this job a whole lot easier and more aesthetically pleasing so I hope you enjoy.

We´ve spent a few weeks here in Melbourne and a few more traveling in New Zealand. Now we´re back in Australia and going ´on tour´ with the hope of paying our trip each day through busking on the streets. 

This photo of me and Timo was taken in Box hill, a predominantly Chinese neighbourhood of Melbourne which has been our base over the last few weeks. 

Picture by Javi Gil